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Goethe Institute Dar es salaam

Goethe institute Daresalaam being our partner in Mangi Meli remains video sculpture and photography exhibition has played a great part in funding with the renovations of the Old court building which now serves as the home to Mangi Meli remains exhibition. Great work Goethe institute Daresalaam
This where Mangi Meli remains exhibition is kept and Old Moshi cultural Tourism Enterprise using one room as an office


Old court building in Tsuduni village Old Moshi Before renovations

Before Renovation


Old court building in Tsuduni village After renovations

After Renovation

Women Empowering project

We work with One Love Africa a Canadian organization helping empower women through educational programs enabling women to be self reliable and bringing back equality through participation in with small projects like vegetable growing, chicken keeping and other small money generating project. Women being seen as inferior and dependent on Man as the head of the family we are trying to bring back equality .Currently 35 women from Old Moshi Kidia village have been educated and helped with VICOBA small Sacco's with Suzanne Dane from One love Africa and still the program is looking forward to different villages in Old Moshi .


Suzanne Dane founder of One love Africa


Women of kidia after educational session

>About Old Moshi Cultural Tourism

Old Moshi Cultural Tourism Enterprise is a registered entity, with registration number CTP/REG.052 by Tanzanian Tourist Board(TTB) through its Tanzania cultural tourism programme officialy on 20/03/2017. Granted initial registration for Old Moshi Cultural Tourism Enterprise located in Moshi Rural district Kilimanjaro region. Following its compliance to Tanzania Cultural Tourism guidelines produced and approved by the minister of the natural resource.

Our Partner Project in "Mangi Meli Remains" Exhibition in Old Moshi


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