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About Old Moshi Cultural Tourism

Old Moshi Cultural Tourism Enterprise is a registered entity, with registration number CTP/REG.052 by Tanzanian Tourist Board(TTB) through its Tanzania cultural tourism program officially on 20/03/2017. Granted initial registration for Old Moshi Cultural Tourism Enterprise located in Moshi Rural district Kilimanjaro region. Following its compliance to Tanzania cultural tourism Guideline produced and approved by the ministry of the natural resource.

“The old administrative town of Moshi was established by Germans in the early 1870 located in Moshi rural.
This area has natured a culture that goes back over 200 years hacking back to colonial past. There are some of the incredible sight that help to re-aweken visitors senses of adventures.
Its vast green landscape that stretches over hills and down to the village lying below the sprawling rural area.
The villages and streams cut deeply into the dramatic landscape the most picturesque of Mambori waterfall.
The most iconic tree found just opposite the former German court building as testament to the German past administration , in the then Tanganyika the incredible ruins of Germany millitary base.”

All this inspired me to start old Moshi cultural tourism in 2016.
Founder and Co-ordnator

Meet our Guides

All of our guides are locals with vast knowledge of the landscape and history of the region.