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What do the flashbacks reveal about their romantic relationship? What is the influence of the use of storytelling to illustrate the flashbacks?5.

In Chapter A person, how does Achebe foreshadow the presence (and best destiny) of Ikemefuna?6. Explain the judicial function of the egwugwu and its marriage to the dwelling, especially to Igbo girls. Why is it also associated to the religious earth? How does Achebe illustrate the blending of the religious and actual worlds?7.

How does the killing of Ikemefuna foreshadow the slide of Okonkwo?8. Why is Okonkwo exiled? Why is the exile ironic? Examine to Okonkwo’s participation in the killing of Ikemefuna and its absence of repercussions. 9. When and how is the white man introduced? Trace the chronology of the Igbo people’s responses to the arrival and settlement of the white man.

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What attitudes towards the Igbo men and women do the white males bring and how do their attitudes ascertain their therapy of the Igbo people?10. How does Achebe use incidents to paint the typical character of the white colonizers?Character and Conflict. 1. How does Okonkwo attain greatness as described by his culture?2. Why is Unoka, who suffers from a inflammation in the abdomen, remaining to die in the evil forest?3. How does Okonkwo differ best essay rewriter from his father? What are his feelings toward his father? How does his father condition Okonkwo’s character and actions as an adult male? Cite examples in the mindset and actions of Okonkwo that present the Igbo 5 paragraph essay outline division of what is regarded manly and what is regarded as womanly. 4.

Why is Okonkwo not happy with his son and heir? How do his inner thoughts toward Nwoye review with his feelings towards Ikemefuna? How do Okonkwo’s inner thoughts have an affect on Nwoye?5. Why is Ikemefuna killed? Why does Okonkwo take part in the slaughter in spite of an elder’s guidance not to grow to be associated in the sacrifice? How does Nwoye react to the sacrifice?6.

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Okonkwo adjustments significantly soon after the killing of Ikemefuna. Explain those people improvements and explain to how they mirror Okonkwo’s battle with his feminine side. 7. Think about Okonkwo’s marriage to his daughter Ezinma and how he regards her when compared to how he regards Nwoye. 8. For the duration of Okonkwo’s exile, Obierika proves to be his close friend.

How do Obierika’s steps display legitimate friendship?9. Explain actions that depict Obierika as Okonkwo’s alter ego. 10. Why does Nwoye change to Christianity? How does his conversion influence his romance with his father?11. Explain Mr.

Brown. How is his portrayal unique from the Igbo figures? Compare and distinction him with other white colonists. 12. Explain Enoch. How do his actions demonstrate disdain for Igbo traditions?13.

How does the Reverend Smith’s identity differ from that of Mr. Brown? What is the affect of Reverend Smith’s persona on the village?Setting and Culture. 1. The novel commences in Umuofia and ends in Umuofia. Explain this village.

What surprises you about lifestyle in an African tribal local community? What preconceptions did you deliver to your reading through that were possibly strengthened or changed?2. Why do the community celebrations make Okonkwo not happy? How do Okonkwo’s thoughts conflict with the tradition of his local community? Cite examples.

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