Is Nagging Worse For The Marriage Than Cheating?

Is Nagging Worse For The Marriage Than Cheating?

Is nagging really so bad?

I am hitched to a divorce proceedings attorney for 26 years and then he’s never claimed that nagging is even worse for a married relationship than cheating. After all, the majority of us appear to consider nagging as annoying, but pretty harmless and benign. Plus some of us feel like we are going to never ever get that which we want in 50 million ways unless we ask for it. Yet very nearly this past year, Wall Street Journal columnist Elizabeth Bernstein made the provocative declare that nagging is a “marriage killer… more common than adultery and possibly as toxic.”

A little technology supports her statement. Howard J. Markman, Professor of Psychology during the University of Denver in addition to Co-Director of this Center for Marital and Family Studies, invested three decades conflict that is studying and breakup. Their group discovered that negative conflict patterns, in keeping with nagging, attack love and jack within the threat of unhappiness and possible divorce proceedings. Markman understands one thing everybody knows: nagging is typical. And therein lies its inherent risk. Your relationship is much like a home in a rock that is falling: nagging usually causes stones to move on your household and chip away love, while cheating causes an avalanche. You stick to the search for avalanches, but could be unacquainted with the long-lasting harm done because of the regular dropping rocks.

Therefore while nagging could possibly never be even worse for the marriages than cheating (falling rocks avalanche that is versus, maybe we have to recognize it as a real detriment to relationships. I will think about three crucial methods persistent nagging can erode a relationship’s foundation.

First up: correspondence. Let us explore a situation: the Nagger gets really nervous whenever Nagged One drives on long getaways. (more…)

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