Use It: Best Secrets Hustle Castle Application For Android Devices That Will Blow Your Mind | 2021.

I am currently ranked 81st on the portal ranking, with dark souls. This is suspiciously close to the calculation that I just detailed. I also spent about 1.4k diamonds on a soul tripler.

Unlike your crafted spells, you can take as many Gem Bay spells as you want into each battle. Also check our developers blog, where we publish new content weekly on game/data analysis, engineering and design insights, and more. Best Emulator to Play PUBG Mobile on PC Download and play PUBG Mobile PC with MEmu.

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While a premium account can only be purchased with real money and not diamonds, there are still ways for you to experience it. Hustle Castle holds time-limited events that offer plenty of valuable rewards that include premium days and even hiring a goblin assistant for a day or so. Although progress in Hustle Download Hustle Castle APK for Android Castle happens even if you are offline and away from the game, there is a huge advantage for players who remain as active as much as they can. Being active on its own, however, is not enough to claim maximum efficiency especially as you unlock all possible rooms within your castle and tons of upgrade options become available. Being efficient as far as keeping everyone and every room as busy as possible is just a basic step towards climbing up the ranks as far as castle growth and development is concerned.

  • However, some developers may offer their products or optional premium functions at an added fee.
  • I’ll be deleting the game after this as my entire clan is stuck loosing arena battles to people with all legendary gear and unable to improve due to horrific time and resource requirements.
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  • Do not abuse using it or you will be risking losing the fun part of the game.
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They will need to be leveled up to the maximum again before the merge can be reattempted. They must be at the highest possible level for that color of Gem, and the XP bar must be full. You can create Gems of more powerful colors bymerging two Gems together. You can enhance a Gem a level or two by spending some XP on it, then use the Gem for a while, then later go spend more XP on the Gem to enhance it some more. A gem’s level is not maxed out until you fill up its XP bar again after it reaches the highest level. So, for example, a gray gem will go to level 2 if you spend 375 XP.

Hustle Castle Arena Guide For Newbies: Basics & Strategies

It lies within the category of cartoon style strategy game, entirely based on the medieval world. The puzzles are great too, not too hard and not too easy. I also happen to love jigsaw puzzles and hidden pictures too of which there are just the right amount of in this game.

One thing I find funny is that in the ads you see in YouTube/other places they make it look like the game is heavily centered on sex. But when you play it, it’s a completely different thing. Fun game, makes u want to keep playing for sure!

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